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We say what should be said, We do what should be done.
Innovative Strategies - Efficient Actions

What We Do

No BlahBlah: pragmatism, action, delivery
Professionals with 2 decades of business, IT and Digital experiences, we provide our expertise on tactical and short/mid term missions. Our expertise is in delivering results and changes in operations. We strongly cover team organization, process and way of working, mind-set, market strategy and IT/Digital.



Talking is great, doing is best: Tektōn fully develops, design and produces some projects on its own.
Building and growing expertise hands-on! the most comprehensive directory of medical professionnals of Belgium.
Fully geo-localized, with addresses, phone numbers and recommendations. is the only independant and patient focused medical platform available on all devices.

Simu.Immo the complete real estate project simulator, taking into account all aspects of purchasing your main home.
From the mortgage, the notary fees and city taxes to the utilities such as water, electricity and more, Simu.Immo provides a 360° view on the financials of purchasing a home.


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